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We spend a lot of resources on learning and developing ourselves. However, we keep forgetting what we learn and are not able to apply effectively.

You need to learn the art of learning and retention techniques before you start to learn anything in this knowledge age. Or, it would be a sheer waste of resources.

Mind Training is Designed to Trigger Your Limitless Potential. You will Develop Sharp Memory, Retention Power and Learn to Concentrate.

Your company will attain higher success by 

Developing higher mental faculties of people.

You need The Best Mind Program for your teams that will boost their intellect. This workshop is hands-on as your teams will take Practical Techniques and Tools to store and retrieve information in a sequential manner. Your people will increase memory, expand their mental faculties to a new level.

Super Mind Program has four parts: Techniques, Toughness, Theory, and Tribe.

These 2 Days Mind Training will be the New Beginning. We will create a tribe with the participants to practice the techniques and ensure that their memory evolves to a new level. The program design is based on the NLP principle: ‘Nothing Works Until You Work It out’.

The Mind-Training program will benefit all those who want to sharpen their minds and keep pace in this information era. As a result, in the corporate setting the following group of people will draw immense advantage:

  • Managers, Senior Managers, and General Managers.
  • Program Directors, Executive Directors, Managing Directors, and Board Members.
  • Functional and Departmental Heads who ensure the business objectives and budgets are met.
  • Strategy Heads and Managers who craft the future roadmap and milestones.
  • Project Managers and Leaders who manage multiple tasks and are responsible for specific deliverables. 
  • Implementors and Executors to develop precision and an eye for the details. 
  • Team Leaders and Senior Team Members who track the day-to-day affairs of the organisation.

We at NLP encourage participants to teach Super Mind memory techniques to their family members and children. This exercise has a multi-layer impact. Participants get to practice and sharpen the memory techniques achieving legendary performance at work. The children improve their learning abilities and score higher grades in their studies.

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Learning Objectives

Learning objectives of the program are:

  • Learning the techniques to retain more information and forget less.
  • Training your memory to achieve specific results with less effort and time.
  • Studying 4 parts of SuperMind: Techniques, Toughness, Theory, and Tribe.
  • Techniques to learn New Languages
  • Memorize Word by Word without any effort.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Measure memory improvements. This means you will develop a super mind that will help you remember valuable information.
  • Develop Sharp Memory, Retention Power and Learn to Concentrate. As a result, you will remember Names, Numbers and apply things that you have been learning.
  • Acquire Rituals for Peak Brain Performance. Above all, you will start performing at your peak.
  • Use FAST Method for Learning Anything. Most importantly you will learn techniques to grasp faster.
  • Kill Automatic Negative Thoughts. In short, self-negative talk is holding you back from success.
  • Learn to Remember Names and other daily lists. Remembering Names is the first step to influence anyone.
  • Activate the brain for Legendary Performance. During the training, you will have many Aha moments and feel the awakening.
  • Develop their active learning patterns.

Faculty: Licensed Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainers will conduct a Super Mind workshop and will use deep-rooted subconscious mind techniques to achieve memory results.

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outcomes are guaranteed

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