Excellent Customer Service Training in Lagos Nigeria 

Whatever Business You are in, Your Company Exist Because of its Customers.

Imagine how many clients you have lost in the past two years? Are you aware of that number? 

How many of your customers are not coming back and you don’t even know?

Keep in mind; it’s not that people have stopped buying; they just are not buying from you.

So, why does a company lose its customers?

Customers walk away without informing, except there is an excellent feedback system, in which case they may voice why they are leaving.

At NLP we have trained thousands of service agents to address the major customer service issues.  

Your teams will engage customers, resolve issues and build loyalty with NLP Customer Service Training. 

They will learn and implement strategies to enhance customer experience and multiply revenue. 

It's not just service, they will create an Amazing Customer Experience across various Customer Touch Points.

NLP Customer Service Training helps Your People to:

Grow Mindset and Create Excellent Customer Experience


Engage Customers and Build Loyalty


Build Rapport and Receive Voice of Customer (VoC)


Run Customer Service Campaigns

Clear Outcomes: Your Teams will

Retain over 90% of Your Customers


Up-sell and Cross-sell Products to Increase Market Share


Grow Business and Meet Revenue Targets


Build Innovative Products based on VoC

Learn from The Global Guru, ranked in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The program design and delivery are managed by NLP Global Guru Rajiv Sharma. He has worked with customer engagement teams worldwide and has helped them multiply their revenues.


Customer service is the best strategy to multiply your customer base.Prepare your customer service team for a new mindset, positive attitude, customer care and top-notch issue resolution practices.

Your customer service people will become more focused in what they do and believe in the product or service. They will act with more confidence in dealing with external and internal customers.

Your people will learn to build an instant rapport, listen actively, nurture relationships, and much more.

Your teams will get inspired to achieve Business Objectives with NLP Tools for:

Buyer-Seller Relationship

Sales Call Planning 

Sales Probing Skills 

Sales Presentation Skills 

Sales Negotiation Skills 

Gaining Commitment 

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