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Increase Revenue and Profits by Enhancing Customer Experience.

Mystery Shopping Brings Growth

A Great Customer Experience can Grow your Business Significantly because, in the modern age of information technology, customers are continuously comparing you with other companies.

You don't even know how much business you are losing by not providing a great customer experience, unless you mystery shop your location frequently.

Our Mystery Shoppers visit your business as anonymous customer, a virtual guest, a trial customer, or a test client. 

We plan visits with your specific objective and assess how the customer is welcomed and feels when he/she interacts with your staff. We carry comprehensive analysis on the infrastructure, ambience, staff behavior, and mindset. We also study your processes to determine the ease of doing business with you.  

Customers buy based on their experiences and feelings when they interact with your teams.

The mystery shopping audit gives you valuable insight into how your staff treats your most important asset, your customers.

  • You have a business and are looking for new insights, resources and affiliations to uplift customer experience.
  • Identify the best performers… you know what you need to do but all you need is to identify the best members who deal with the customers with passion and enthusiasm and at same time you want to spot bad behavior…
  • Discover Missed Sales Opportunities… you have a target to meet and want to find out the missed up-selling and cross-selling opportunities during customer interaction…

Our well trained secret shoppers will give you the inside scoop on what’s going on in your branch, so you can correct and grow your business with confidence. 

You don’t have to do the mystery shopping exercise alone. We empower you with the experience and knowledge. Sign up with NLP Mystery Shopping and will provide you with the videos, reports, swot analysis and you'll learn what actions you need to take. doing.  

Based on NLP Mystery Audit Reports you can decide:

  • what you need to start doing
  • what you need to stop doing 
  • what you need to continue
Mystery Shopping in Nigeria

We have done mystery Shopping for retail stores, restaurants, bank branches, telecom customer experience centers in any geopolitical region of Nigeria. After the visit we submit the audio/video, excel grid and SWOT analysis for every location. We advice with specific inputs how the quality of customer experience.

Call now if you want to reward top performers, spot bad behavior, discover missed sales opportunities, and boost profits.

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NLP Mystery shopping package

Phase 1: Mystery Shopping 

  • Video recording of the visit
  • Reports
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Phase 2: CX Training 

  • Pre Workshop Exercise 
  • 3-Day CX Workshop
  • Post Workshop Exercise

Phase 3: Leadership Coaching

  • 360-Degree Stakeholder Survey
  • 4 A Executive Coaching
  • Change Management

Phase 4: Audit Survey

  • Case based branch visit
  • Visit Information Report
  • Checks and Balances
Your Next Step to Build Excellence 

1. Schedule a Zoom Call

A short 30 minute zoom call will help us to learn more about your business so we can tailor a program especially for you. We'll even do a trial shop if you would like. 

2. Survey Strategy

Don’t worry, we do all the heavy lifting. With over years experience in mystery shopping and survey development, we will design the perfect survey just for you.

3. Coach Your CX Team

Open your email or login to your dashboard to start reviewing mystery shopping reports. Begin coaching your team right away and improve your profits.

with your specific requirements, our team will get back to you.

We undertake limited projects in a year.

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